Our STRATEGIC INNOVATION methodologies include a mix of philosophies

We believe that everything Good is accomplished by harvesting truths of the collective intelligence. As practitioners of human-centered design, we infuse the design process in every stage of our process ensuring those gems of truth are preserved at every iteration.

We use the following principles and methodologies to guide our work:






Our capabilities focus on human-centered design.


community innovation

Better solutions arise when we bring the community together. We curate public events that cultivate the inherent creativity of collective intelligence. As part of our 99 Good Projects initiative we create engaging events that use Design Thinking to imagine solutions to the most important problems of our communities.


In-House Innovation

Professional development through the lens of Design Thinking. We’ll design an experience for your company to spark employees imaginations using innovation techniques, strengthening competency and overall satisfaction at work. From ideation games to rapid project development, the value of the experience lies between its memorable moments and its imaginative quality.


Problem Solving

Confused about how to incorporate innovation into your business? Looking for a way to involve your company with a social Good mission? Whatever the issue, we have the questions to ask to find the solution. We’ll use the design process, from research to prototype to developed system. The result is a clean and comprehensive resolution that can be implemented to drive results.