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Mark is a creative, pragmatic and visionary leader with over 15 years of distinguished performance working directly with C-suite executives to improve business performance. Adept at discovering and implementing creative and strategic solutions to solve complex problems.  An innovator who  translates a company’s mission, goals, and objectives into action oriented experiences across multi-channel environments. Additionally, he also runs the production division.


Marina Terteryan

Marina is a well-rounded Service Designer and Design Strategist from Armenia living in LA. With a background in jazz education, integrated marketing, creative directing, and copywriting, she has a deep love for design thinking, innovation, strength-based leadership, and all things human-centered. She teaches design thinking at General Assembly and hosts the world’s first service design podcast called Why Service Design Thinking.


Mary DiPesa

Mary is a holistic strategist whose mission is to design for the greater good. A New England native with a West Coast mindset, Mary questions systems while simultaneously admiring structure. With a formal education in Product Design, Information Design, and Fine Art, Mary finds Service Design to be a beautiful marriage between designing product and curating experiences.






Bryan migrated to the U.S. from the Philippines at age 19 and now calls downtown Los Angeles his home. He is a self-taught Director and Photographer, focusing on narrative storytelling, lifestyle and portraits through stills and motion. Having a background in business and marketing lets him bridge the gap between the creative and commercial side of storytelling.



Jan, also known as Stone, is a filmmaker from Southern California. He grew up  in a diverse community, which established a variant foundation on his projects. He also applies his cultural exposure and experiences in his professional etiquette.  He is currently working on a personal project labeled #thesocialmedium where he meets with various artists and documents their personal life.  He is an aspiring commercial Director and Cinematographer.



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Join our team of co-innovators and do some Good. We are looking for creative and thoughtful  independent design strategists, event team members, and design researchers. If you’d like to be part of the team, email your resume, portfolio, and your favorite design thinking story to info@thegoodprojects.com